Inclusive Labour Monitoring &

empowered worker voice

The Inclusive Labour Monitoring™ (ILM) system, based on empowered worker voice, is at the core of Issara's work, bringing together research and analytics, worker empowerment, and strategic partnerships across the supply chain.

Developed as a more cost-effective and accurate alternative to social audits in identifying and addressing labour issues while empowering workers, our approach is possible due to two key factors: (1) partnerships with businesses aiming to improve their responsible sourcing, and (2) long-standing relationships of trust with migrant worker communities and those who support them.

Whereas audits provide a momentary snapshot of workplace conditions and often fail to identify serious labour rights issues, Issara's Inclusive Labour Monitoring (ILM) approach allows for the continuous monitoring of workplaces across partners' extended supply chains through direct engagement with workers who report issues and seek assistance through the Issara hotline and other smartphone-enabled worker voice channels.  Issara worker voice channels are true worker voice - that is, they capture worker feedback for the purpose of driving remediation and responsiveness to workers.  Our ability to drive improvements and responses based on issues identified by workers is made possible through our strategic partnerships with global brands and retailers, and relationships between Issara's locally-based expert teams and suppliers.  And, our teams - our people - are our keys to success:


1.   BUSINESS & HUMAN RIGHTS Locally-based business-focused teams expert in business and human rights, interfacing with and supporting capacity development, systems improvements, and remediation with suppliers/employers and recruiters; 

2.  OUTREACH & EMPOWERMENT:  Worker-focused teams expert in outreach, empowerment, and case management, fielding over 2,500 calls and messages from workers monthly to capture the perspectives and needs of workers and jobseekers, and to support workers with referral and assistance needs; 

3.  TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION: The in-house technology and data analytics expertise of Issara Labs is based in the innovation hubs of Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area; and

4.  STRATEGY & GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS:  Engaging all stakeholders across the supply chain, from global buyers to recruiters, and building partnerships and programs that leverage the supply chain in ways that incentivize better business behaviour.

Issara's worker voice technology and data analytics are often cited as unique contributions to global responsible sourcing efforts, but the nature and structure of the partnerships that Issara has with global buyers and their suppliers - with long-term commitments to collaboration and improvement at the leadership level - are an equally important innovation.  


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Empowering jobseekers and workers

[ 2 ]

Cleaning up labour risks in supply chains by changing the behaviours and systems of employers and recruiters


Hint: It's not about technology...or, it shouldn't be. 

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